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Our committees

Friends of Nigeria, Inc. (FON), an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association, is a community of almost 2000 expatriates who served in Nigeria. Most of our members are returned Peace Corps Volunteers and staff, as well as those who served in other organizations from around the world. FON, formed in 1996, has 501(c)(3) non-profit status.  With approximately 500 dues-paying members, FON welcomes all who support our Mission Statement.

Small projects

The small projects committee seeks project requests from reliable organizations based on the ground in Nigeria that amount to less than $10,000. Project requests are vetted and funds awarded after careful evaluation based on the reliability of the organization, efficacy of the project and the amount of funds available from FON.

  • Spence Ralston, Chair
  • Godwin Ndukwe
  • Mike Goodkind
  • Jim Clark

Maternal health

This committee is tasked with evaluating women’s health issues in Nigeria focusing particularly on fistula education and repair. The committee accepts, evaluates, and recommends requests for funding from organizations in Nigeria related to these issues.

  • Ned Greeley, Chair
  • Mimi Budd
  • Monique LeBlanc
  • Mike Goodkind


This committee is responsible for the ongoing development of the organization’s website and for addressing the technical issues that arise from time to time. Additionally, the committee makes updates to the website as new, more advanced and innovative software becomes available.

  • Mike Goodkind
  • Jim Clark
  • Dave Axtell

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