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There are lots of ways to get involved with The Friends of Nigeria.  Becoming a dues-paying member is the first step.  Dues are used to cover our basic costs, such as publishing the quarterly newsletter or paying for our website.  But any surplus dues are used to fund projects in Nigeria.  The second step is to donate to Friends of Nigeria.  100% of donations go to worthy causes in Nigeria.  The third step is to volunteer for a role in helping to run FON.  Proofing the newsletter, helping research email addresses that have gone stale, or maintaining vital links on the website are 3 examples of jobs you might volunteer for.  A fourth step is to volunteer to serve on the committee that organizes our annual meeting.  Generally we invite people from the state where the meeting will be held, or the adjoining states, as local knowledge is key.  But anybody can help out!  Finally, there are opportunities to join the board of directors or become an officer.  We are a small organization with no paid staff, so everything gets done with volunteer labor.  But we were all volunteers at one point, so this is not a big departure for our membership.

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